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Let’s face it, no one likes to be cold or wet. But the cold weather allows for great fashion moments and layering opportunities. Embracing the elements instead of fighting them is key. 

So rather than separating nature as an isolated place to be survived or controlled, our curation of outerwear jackets seeks to connect us to the outdoor elements by finding the perfect harmony that can exist between human aesthetic expression, functional clothing, and nature’s beauty.  

There is no better way to express ourselves in the colder seasons than with fall- and winter-ready outerwear. If you haven’t noticed, the hiking and mountain wear aesthetic, or Gorpcore, seems to be everywhere. Both high-fashion and streetwear are showing no signs of slowing down on creating knitwear, shirts, pants and other garments aimed at both the fickle outdoors and the gram-ready urban environment.

Specifically, it’s easy to see how brands like and wander, and Snow Peak, with their water and fire-resistant clothing, are bringing Japanese high-performance, functional gear with fine-tuned style to the outerwear mix. 

In Europe, brands like Ranra, from their London / Reykjavík based design studio, and the Italian outerwear brand Roa, have decided to focus on a more athleisure-inspired aesthetic instead. Perfect for helping you brave the elements and keep you warm and cozy in the process.

Other more classic luxury brands are doubling down on style, remaining the number one priority for outwear jackets. Wales Bonner and Lemaire are prime examples of how wool coats will always be essential for every respectable outerwear collection. 

Always revolving around technical builds and utility, Highsnobiety's in-house label is showcasing a more minimalistic outerwear selection that combines the use of high-performance materials like Japanese soft brushed nylon fabric for a perfectly insulated Coach jacket, or waterproof jacket for the wet weather.        

When the season calls for an extra layer, Highsnobiety’s curation of selected outerwear ensures you remain shielded from the elements- in style.